At MFPL, we aim at providing the best quality products as per the standards and setting up new industry benchmarks for our competitors. We have a firm believe that customer retention is a difficult task in the competitive business environment today & we are proud to say that we have retained long list of customers over the years because of our quality policy that aims at providing customer pleasure. To ensure utmost quality of our products, we follow the process below:

Testing facilities

MFPL offers Chemical Analysis services from our Ghaziabad, UP India, laboratories.
Raw materials are procured from the mainstream steel manufacturers in the industry. We test the material and ensure those to confirm the required metallurgical and chemical properties. Raw materials are inspected in our laboratory facilities for their intrinsic and surface quality.
Quality is monitored and maintained at each step of production. Quality parameters are defined for each stage and the workmen are sufficiently trained on the same. Bars, wires and all our products are tested for their physical properties, such as tolerance, straightness, surface finish; and mechanical properties including tensile strength, elongation, chemical competency, etc. Well laid out procedures enable operators, supervisors and quality control inspectors to ensure only best quality reach our customers.
Our team at finished goods inspection department comprises of highly experienced workmen and they are continuously trained in the latest procedures and technologies of inspecting the materials. We conduct adequate personal and mechanical testing procedures on our finished goods in order to bring delight to our customers.
When it comes to the packaging standards, we follow the best industry practices and benchmarks. All our products are suitably packaged to keep from unwanted environmental effects. Before packing our products we do rust preventive coating and necessary color codes on the finished goods. With regard to packaging, we also comply with the personalized requirements of our customers.
Just-in-Time delivery is of equal significance to our customers and us. In order to serve with JIT standards, we own and maintain our own logistic facilities within the local geography of our customer-base. We have highly skilled team of sales professionals who assist our customers to enjoy a perfect account management experience from MFPL.

Our products have always complied with the international standards and we have been exporting our stainless steel & carbon steel manufactured products to countries including: South Korea, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Gulf Countries, USA and many more.

We are also approved by the Indian Ministry of Defence & Northern Railway for the supply of our products.